Coming onto the Leicester and Leicestershire Primary SCITT, I was looking forward to build on the knowledge and skillset I had obtained from my degree and was keen to take an active role in the day-to-day experiences of a classroom setting; the first month in has encompassed all this and much much more.

As a trainee, I have not only received extensive support from a range of key individuals such as the subject specialists, my placement mentor and the amazing team that run the programme but also from the collaborative relationships and friendships that I have built with other trainees, all of which were facilitated and nurtured through the induction process.

The SCITT Team have also been extremely supportive in terms of our well being by carrying out emotional check-in’s and always having time for a 1 to 1 discussion if needed. The expertise shared by the subject facilitators, who lead both the core and foundation curricular areas in centre-based training sessions, has supported my understanding of core curriculum frameworks and given me the foundations to question, analyse and critically reflect on classroom practice which has been essential to my development in these first few weeks.

Having started my placement, it has become apparent how the theoretical aspects and research-informed evidence which is discussed at the centre directly relate and can be applied to the practicalities of the classroom. This has really supported me in un-picking and deconstructing my mentor’s teaching practice and observe it from multiple lens and perspectives.

I really enjoyed the Intensive Training and Practice week on Behaviour Management which was a very beneficial experience where we were able to see teachers at work and discuss with leadership teams the strategies that are implemented and embedded in their school ethos; this was also a fantastic opportunity to create professional connections with schools and understand the ways in which they work through a direct focus on a specific element of the SCITT curriculum.

The first few weeks have been challenging, they have been intense and have definitely been time consuming, but being organised, prepared and being open to feedback has helped me to overcome these challenges. For me, joining the SCITT has been one of the best decisions I have made, and I am really looking forward to what the rest of the year brings!

Abdullah 2023/24