Entry Requirements

What do you need for teacher training?


UK recognised degree.  Any subject will be considered.

GCSEs in Maths and English at grade C / 4 or above

GCSE or equivalent in Science at grade C /4 or above

We are able to accept a broad range and type of qualification, as long as it meets the government recognised equivalency. If all or part of your qualifications are from outside the UK, you can check if they are eligible using the ECCTIS service.


You will need to demonstrate that you can communicate accurately and effectively in spoken and written Standard English. Excellent interpersonal skills and strong communication is at the heart of effective teaching.

You'll also need to demonstrate the capacity to meet all the required National Teachers' Standards by the end of the training, possessing the personal and intellectual qualities to be a teacher.

You will need to pass health and a DBS check and have the physical and mental fitness to teach.

We are looking for people with creativity! You'll be teaching a broad range of subjects. Can you challenge and excite pupils to develop them into confident, enthusiastc learners?

You'll need to be reflective and resilient. Teaching is a complex but rewarding career. Every day is a school day with something new to learn. You need to be able to reflect on your experiences and lessons as you'll be the kind of person who is always seeking to improve things. That also takes determination to bounce back when lesson go wrong and challenges need to be overcome.


Becoming a teacher is a major step which requires huge commitment to changing the lives of children. Whilst experience is no longer a statutory requirement and the SCITT does consider applicants with no experience, we strongly recommend getting first hand experience in a primary school. Experience is incredible valuable to help you understand what the job entails and can confirm that teaching is right for you. Besides this, it can also boost your confidence in writing your personal statement and assist through the interview process, as you can show what experience has taught you about teaching and learning.

We can offer suitable candidates experience within our partner schools - this can be a really valuable step in becoming the teacher you dream of becoming!

We aim to recruit a range of good role models representative of the local population, particularly from minority ethnic communities and men. Also, we are particularly keen to hear from experienced classroom assistants and those seeking a career change.

Trainees come from a very diverse set of backgrounds with widely differing pre-course experiences. Some trainees come straight from school and completion of their first degrees, whilst others have spent time in different careers and bringing up children. We pride ourselves on our ability to support and meet the needs of all our trainees so you enjoy the course and meet your full potential.

You need 2 references to apply.

Unlike a standard work reference, your references for teacher training need to be named individuals rather than (for example) a human resources team or academic department.​

Your referees will be asked to write 500 words about your character and suitability for teaching after your interview​

Choose referees who’ll endorse your:                         Ideal referees could include:​

*  teaching passion and potential                              *  your university tutor or supervisor​
*  suitability for working with children                     *  your current line manager at work​
*  academic abilities                                                    *  your previous employer​
*  reliability and professionalism                                 *  a teacher at a school where you work or volunteer​
                                                                                    *  a supplier or client you’ve worked with (if
you’re​ self-employed)​
Referees should not be family members, partners or friends.​

Training providers will only accept a character reference as a second reference.​

It’s important to have at least one academic or professional reference.​

If you would like to speak to someone regarding your application or just to get more advice, you are very welcome to call on 0116 2543187 or drop an email to adminprimary@leicesterscitt.co.uk