Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for the Salaried Route?

This Salaried School Direct course leads to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). Successful applicants to this course will specialise in teaching FS & KS1 (3-7 yr) pupils or KS1 & KS2 (5-11yr) pupils.

On all salaried School Direct courses applicants must be employed by a school on the unqualified teacher payscale for the full training year; this is a considerable cost for a primary school. As such only a few schools are willing to consider this route and normally only do so when they are already employing an exceptional support assistant whom they wish to support in becoming a qualified teacher. The SCITT will therefore only interview applicants for this salaried route who approach us together with a school willing to employ them and pay their salary as an unqualified teacher.

As an employee of a school, trainees spend most of the year in this employing school, often in one class, with a second placement of 5-6 weeks in a second school and alternative key stage. Up to 20 days central training is offered with other Leicester and Leicestershire SCITT trainees, as agreed with the employing school and trainee. All quality assurance procedures and assessment against the Teachers’ Standards are managed through Leicester and Leicestershire SCITT, one of the top 5 primary ITT providers nationally Good Teacher Training Guide.

This course requires close collaboration between the employing school and the Leicester and Leicestershire SCITT in providing a course that is carefully tailored to meet the individual training needs of each applicant. As such the SCITT will visit employing schools and discuss the support offered by the school and SCITT as part of the interview process.