Our Interview Process

Children deserve great teachers and becoming the teacher you want to be is a life-long journey. Teaching is complex and requires many skills. Our interview process is designed so you can showcase the talent and potential you have to become an inspiring primary teacher.

We interview for both the SCITT and School Direct courses so whichever route you choose, you will have the same interview process. You will be asked to come to interview at one of our partner schools. The interview includes:

  • a short presentation, connected to a current educational issue;
  • a task working with a small group of Key Stage One children;
  • a formal interview;
  • a reading task;
  • maths and English subject knowledge written tasks.

English and mathematics subject knowledge tasks will take place separately from the rest of the interview process.

English and Maths task information

"A course that has been tailored to our needs with care and support from our tutors. A fantastic experience that will form the basis of my entire teaching career. Amazing new friends for life!"

Yasmin - 2018